Mavo Systems Website Redesign

Pixelrobotic has just wrapped up a website redesign for Mavo Systems in Minnesota.  See the screenshots below.

Redesigned Website

Redesigned Website

Old Website

Old Website

Working on New Website Design for Tolerance Tool Inc.

PixelRobotic will be working with Tolerance Tool Inc. to bring their current website up to date with a new responsive modern design. Already throwing together some logo ideas before we start in earnest.  Will be posting an update when the website is complete.

Logo Concept

New video and audio player for Dow Jones

I just wrapped up work on a new html / JS styled audio player for the Dow Jones corp /  It was built using a jQuery plugin pattern of code to make it dead simple to implement.  I also allows for customizable skins that can be referenced during the players initialization.

2014-06-04 11_53_11-Marketwatch Audio Player


I have also upgraded their video player capabilities by adding additional features like support for Touchcast Playback ability, Chromecast playback, improved IMA3 ad capabilities,  and several other features including improved closed captioning capabilities.  This player was also built using the jQuery plugin pattern.  Its a flash first player with html video fallback to allow for the most robust multi-bitrate playback available today.


Custom WordPress Email System Plugin

Just recently wrapped up work on a new wordpress newsletter plugin that allows our client to manage follow up emails to its loan applications and its branded broker applications.  We developed the html email and tested it for spam detection.

It features the following abilities:

  1. Set time delivery periods.
  2. Customize the email content on a time or submission basis.
  3. Allow branded emails based on the broker ( reseller )
  4. Ability to set global, broker, or per submission settings
  5. Manual delivery option
  6. Unsubscribe options
  7. Tracking to detect when users have opened the email


New Milestone Systems WordPress Theme and Plugin

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We just completed coding a new theme for Milestone Systems as well as a custom plugin for management of their training system on a very tight budget.   The new theme also includes an e-commerce part of the training system, so security was important.   The custom plugin was developed to fully manage the training application section of the website.  It allows the team to easily manage courses, locations, sessions, registrations, and payments with a fully searchable table system.

Home Page:

Training Page:

Video Page:

Form page:

Developing a Chromecast application for Dow Jones

We are working on a new application to work with Wall Street Journal, that will work similar to the YouTube application. Going smoothly so far. Fun project!

New Custom WordPress Plugin

We are currently developing a new custom wordpress plugin for a loan company that will allow them to manage their loan products / brokers.  It will be tied in with a loan application project we built.

New E-Learning Project Under Development

We are happy to get back into another great e-learning project with a local techical college.  It’s been a lot of fun to develop so far utilizing PHP, Jquery, and Actionscript.  We developed a back end management system from scratch using codeigniter.  The admin system then interfaces with uploaded modules to add more and more lessons to the system.  The admin system also tracks all user interactivity for the instructors to observe.

New Real Estate Marketing Tool

Just wrapping up an AJAX style marketing tool for Deliver Media in Florida.

AJAX Style Customer Tool

Developing custom OSMF plugin for a major global company

We are currently wrapping up development on a plugin to be used with the Open Source Media Framework by Adobe.   The new plugin has the ability to handle MAST / VAST ad calls and added custom tracking capability.  The new player is fully VAST compliant with the ability to play linear and non-linear ads.  These include in player ads and companion ads.